Local Holiday Shopping and What It Means to Anchorage

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Local Holiday Shopping and What It Means to Anchorage

Holiday Shopping             

The season is upon us. We are buying gifts for friends, family, and loved ones near and far.  We are looking for deals, trying to make our hard-earned dollars stretch even further.  When considering where to shop think about small businesses and all they bring to your community. From 11/26/23 AND article “The Alaska Small Business Development Center said in a statement this week that shopping locally can make a big difference in the state’s economy, leading to higher wages and more jobs If every household shifted $1,000 in spending from non-local to local businesses, it would add an estimated $103 million to the state’s economy and create 5,850 additional jobs, the center said, citing a 2021 report from the University of Alaska Center for Economic Development.”

Companies like Amazon and TEMU are flooded with interesting items, but they are selling consumer direct merchandise made in China. Ok I know tons of stuff is made in China and other foreign countries. Did you ever wonder why it’s so cheap?  Well, they sell you these individual items for very low prices to avoid US Customs department. What’s the big deal about that? Well companies that don’t avoid US Customs department certify that they do not use SLAVE Labor to produce these goods.  They are paying what are considered normal wages in that country.  Go directly to these companies’ websites and look at “The Show” they put on trying to convince you that they care about their employees and the environment, trying to make you feel good about your purchase. Also consider companies like TEMU and their rip-off designs by making very minor changes stealing other peoples’ products and creativity. I could go on and on but recently a consumer filed a class action lawsuit against TEMU over claims the online company failed to protect consumer’s personal and financial information.  Just Google TEMU and class action and read it.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to save money, but I will shop at stores like Blue Market for delicious local milk and bread. Is it more expensive than Fred Meyer? Yes, it is but it tastes so much better. They have really cool gifts that are sustainable too. I like books and I go to Title Wave first. The Spenard area, Dimond Center and Huffman Business Park, Midtown area are full of local business hoping to have a chance to serve you. I challenge all of you (the 5 people that may read this) to buy all your Christmas gifts from local merchants!


Thanks for reading, thanks for your support and remember keep it local when you can.  

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